How to Lead Belay Using a GriGri

Learning how to belay is required if you are going to be sport climbing or traditional climbing. You want to start by learning how to top rope belay. It is most convenient to learn how to top rope belay by visiting your nearest climbing gym. All of the equipment you need is available and the instructors will guide you. Then, you can learn how to lead belay.

In the following video, I will teach you how to lead belay using a GriGri. The GriGri is my number one choice for belay devices (see: The GriGri Saved My Life), I will not use anything else.

This is my first how-to video and I will warn you I am not a professional actress in any way. ENJOY!

Script: “No! You need to be able to film my hands. Today I am going to teach you how to lead belay using a GriGri. To start, you want to make sure you are about a leg’s length away from the wall so that if your climber does take a fall, you can catch them safely. You will need a rope, a carabiner, and a GriGri. You will attach the carabiner to your belay loop of your harness. Then you will take the rope in your right hand and the GriGri in your left hand. You will take the rope leading up to the climber and place it on the left side following the u-shape through, with the rope coming out down to the pile. Then close the gate of the GriGri and attach it to your carabiner. Make sure that the carabiner is locked in so that your climber is safe. Now for hand placement, you are going to take the rope with your right hand and take your pointer-finger on your right hand, place it underneath the lip of the GriGri. Then with your three fingers you will grab the rope loosely and let your thumb rest on the blue part of the GriGri. This will be your starting position. When your climber is going up you will give them slack with your left hand by pulling slowly. Now, once they have clipped into the quick-draw, you will take your right hand and take out the slack. You will replace your left hand underneath your right hand and slide your right hand up. Remember your right hand will never come off the rope. It will only slide up and down. Now you will replace your left hand on the rope lead up to the climber, and go back to the starting position. If your climber needs slack quickly you will place your right thumb on the GriGri, pull up with that pointer finger, and give them slack quickly. It will be about an arm’s length of slack. And then you repeat the motions. That is how you lead belay using a GriGri.”

Special thanks to captJVI for the music! “No Luck” – captJVI

Do you have more tips on how to lead belay? Comment Below!


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