Grip Shoe Care Review

Grip is a new product on the market and the first formula specifically created for climbing shoes. Grip is a 3-in-1 product. It maximizes friction, prevents oxidation, and removes odors. This is the first product that I have used that can be applied to the inside and the outside of the shoe. Grip is ecofriendly with its 98% plant based formula and is 100% biodegradable.

“Friction is like the currency of climbing, strength and technique are secondary. We take friction for granted, assuming chalking our hands and wearing sticky rubber shoes, has maximized the friction we can summon. How many times have you fallen and blamed strength or technique when all along you were actually missing almost half of what is truly vital to climbing, friction.” (

To maximize friction on the rubber sole of your shoe, spray on a generous amount and wipe off with a towel. Grip will dry in under a minute and is ready to use. You can use this spray on any part of your shoe to clean, as well. There is no limit on Grip use, it will not damage your shoes. Grip is designed with a new technology called “reTAK” which restores the surface of your rubber sole to an immaculate condition. Grip was created not to improve the work of the manufacturer, but to revive the shoe.


To prevent oxidation and remove odor, spray a thin coat inside the shoe and allow it to fully dry before climbing. The Grip spray works to kill the odor-causing microbe bacteria by using essential oils and citrus based microbe eliminators. Odor elimination will be apparent after 1-2 weeks of continuous use.

When using this product to increase friction and clean my shoes I noticed a difference right away. I like to use Grip 1-2 times a week, usually when I am putting my climbing gear away. The next time I climb I know the soles of my shoes will stick to the rock and will smell good. I also keep my shoes out of my bag so that the formula can dry and work on killing the bacteria. I love this formula and highly recommend it.

Even with the new Grip spray technology, it is important to prevent unnecessary shoe wear. Take care of those precious shoes with these preventative tips:

  1. Keep your feet clean on your approach to climbing
    • Do not walk around barefoot
    • Wear socks with your tennis shoes
    • Bring a tarp to stand on when changing footwear
    • Use a towel to wipe your feet
  2. Wear your climbing shoes only for climbing, dirt and gravel wear your shoes down faster
  3. Prevent odor and mildew by removing shoes from your backpack after climbing
  4. Do not leave shoes in a hot car; high temperatures can deform the rubber and melt the glue
  5. Repair shoes as soon as you see wear and tear with Shoe Goo
  6. Resole your shoes (it is much cheaper than buying a brand new pair)

What is your experience with Grip shoe care? Are there other preventative measures you take for your climbing shoes? Comment Below!


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